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indoor cycle training spin classes Kelowna

Spin Classes in Kelowna: CYCLE Express at Sweat Studios

CYCLE Express at Sweat Studios is a fast-paced 45-minute spin class that maximizes your workout in a short amount of time. Packed with high-energy music and a series of challenging intervals, our spin class is guaranteed to boost your cardiovascular health and build muscle. This express workout is ideal for anyone looking to fit a powerful fitness class into their busy schedule! 

Fast-Paced Workout Fueled by Music

Our spin studio features a mix of sprints and climbs that simulate real-world cycling challenges, building endurance in a group setting. The varied workout intensity keeps adapting you to new challenges, which is key to improving physical performance and breaking through fitness plateaus!


Every spin session at Sweat Studios is designed to maximize your agility and provide a comprehensive full-body workout. 

Our Spin bikes are designed to allow each rider to manually adjust the intensity of their workout, making this spin class accessible for all fitness levels. Each bike is equipped with a resistance knob that can be easily adjusted, so you can control how hard or easy it is to pedal, simulating different terrains. 

During our spin express class, the instructor will suggest when to adjust your resistance to match the workout phase (steep climb or a fast sprint), ensuring you get a balanced and challenging session.

Don't You Worry - You can Adjust Your Own Intensity!

Join the Community That Sweats Together!

CYCLE Express at Sweat Studios is a 45-minute journey that challenges your body and  boosts your energy. Leave the stresses of the day behind and focus on yourself and your body, surrounded by a community of Sweat members.

Join us at Sweat Studios for our CYCLE express class and transform your workout into an experience that you'll look forward to week after week.
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