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Flow Pilates at Sweat Studios

Are you looking for pilates classes in Kelowna? At Sweat Studios, we combined traditional Pilates with Flow Yoga, creating Flow Pilates workout class which offers a perfect balance of both disciplines.

Strengthen, Tone & Transform Your Body!

Kelowna Pilates Meets Flow

The main advantage of our hybrid class is its focus on deep core strength exercises complemented by body movements that improve balance and stability. Designed to tone, build strength, and increase flexibility, this class focuses on the power of body control through pilates principles & traditional yoga poses. Through a series of flowing movements, you will learn how to increase core muscle engagement effectively, creating a solid foundation for both physical and mental strength.

Deep Core Activation for Lasting Strength

Our Flow Pilates Instructors will guide you through exercises that target deep core, emphasizing proper body alignment and breathing techniques. This activation is key to improving your posture, enhancing balance, and decreasing muscle fatigue. Through a combination of dynamic stretches and strengthening movements, the goal is to enhance spinal mobility, alleviate discomfort, and achieve a greater range of motion for the entire body.

Fitness Class for All Levels

Whether you're new to Pilates Flow or an experienced member of Sweat Fitness Studios, our Pilates class offers modifications and progressions for every exercise. Our fitness instructors are dedicated to providing personalized guidance, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their experience, can find challenge and growth in our Pilates flow workout. Therefore they offer modifications to all body weight exercises, addressing various fitness levels and present injuries. 

Experience the Difference with Flow Pilates at Sweat Studios!

Flow Pilates is your invitation to explore the transformative power of steady, deliberate movements that not only challenge your physical limits but also foster a deeper connection between mind and body.

Check out our class schedule to book your Pilates session today!
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