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Kelowna Body Barre Workouts

Kelowna Barre: Power Barre Classes at Sweat Studios

A Perfect Balance of Cardio and Strength Training!

At Sweat Studios, we believe in the power of upbeat music and movement. Our Power Barre Classes in Kelowna are designed to pump up the volume and your heart rate, delivering a boot camp-style barre experience that will have you moving, sweating, and smiling all at once! 

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High-energy bootcamp class at our group fitness studio in Kelowna

A Workout for Every Body and Fitness Level

Whether you are searching for a low-impact fitness class or a high-intensity workout that challenges the entire body, our power barre classes offer fitness benefits for everyone.

Barre workouts are inherently low-impact, making them an excellent choice for individuals of all levels of fitness. But don't underestimate its effectiveness! Sweat instructors offer modification variations and incorporate power barre equipment that increases the class intensity.


In addition to strength and endurance training, our Power Barre Classes are designed for full-body conditioning, improving flexibility and mobility. Through targeted stretches and dynamic movements, you'll enhance your range of motion, reduce the risk of injury, and promote muscle recovery.

Power Barre Class Equipment

Our Barre Workouts use lightweight dumbbells, resistance bands, mini balls — and the most powerful tool of all, your body weight, which makes this 45-minute full-body workout class desirable for boosting body strength, increasing bone density, and improving endurance. From the first beat to the last stretch, Sweat Studio members engage in various body movements that target every muscle group, ensuring a fun workout that can be customized for individual fitness goals.

Sweat Studio Fitness Classes: Our Promise

At Sweat Studios, we're committed to providing a fun transormative body sweat session. Our Power Barre Classes are more than just a workout; they're an opportunity to challenge yourself and develop a deeper connection with your body. 

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